When I first met Dora I was in a very unstable state of mind. I was always tired and I had bloating and various skin irritations and rashes.

After the Matrix Drops Computer scan I felt refreshed immediately. As we went through my entire scan results point by point, Dora explained what imbalances I have and which Matrix Drops Quintessence can help adjust them so my body would function adequately. Prior to this I took vitamins for months, drank detoxifying tees, but they did not help bouncing back to my energetic self I had been before. The Matrix Drops Computer showed that there are several heavy metals present in my body. For example, Arsenic was over 90% which, in my case, was responsible for the continuous feeling of fatigue and demotivated attitude. I was almost unable to focus on anything.

One of the most astonishing result was when the computer reported an information imbalance of a mental problem which might cause skin issues at the physical level. A couple of months ago a small spot appeared on my chest, but I did not pay any attention to it and it seemed to be a blackhead or another birth-mark only. Dora recommended I would check-in with a dermatologist just to make sure it’s nothing serious.

The dermatologist performed a careful examination and, unfortunately, confirmed that I had seven small Basal cell carcinoma islands spread around under my skin. These were taken off, and I took the drops as well because I wanted to dissolve my mental block to avoid any possibility of a relapse.

Another time when I went to see Dora the Matrix Drops Computer showed that there might be an information disturbance of mycoplasma bacteria. This time I went to see my obgyn who confirmed that the bacteria is present. After taking the Matrix Drops for 2 months, I went back for a check-up and the result came back clear. The Mycoplasma was no longer detectable. Before this approach, I took cranberry supplements and drank tall goldenrod tea for several months which seemed to help temporarily, but they could not solve my problem and after a while all my symptoms returned. Many women live accepting that they “tend to get urinary tract infections” but, in reality, one Matrix Drops scan may reveal what is the true cause behind these symptoms.  It’s possible to find out what bacteria or virus is responsible for the discharge with an unknown cause or the lower abdominal or other pain.

Ever since I stopped consuming any food containing gluten or milk, those little rashes have completely disappeared and my stomach bloating diminished. With the help of the Matrix Drops, after the Arsenic has been eliminated from my body, my brain function became noticeably better, I’m making mistakes less often and I my memory has significantly improved. Even during evening hours I can focus more intently.

For my partner and me, through the Matrix Drops, Dora has provided solutions to work through psychological burdens and has tremendously helped us to change our attitude towards life for the better. She explained how we can rejuvenate and live a healthier and happier life after 45. The change and taking Matrix Drops took a few months, but I don’t mind because rejuvenation does not happen overnight. In this fast-paced world the desire of wanting to feel better by taking only a couple of pills and expecting to feel better in a few minutes is seriously misguided.

During our conversations, Dora opened my eyes how I can handle stressful situations without being affected by them. Due to the effect of the Drops, harmony has returned in my body. I am more patient and tolerant at my workplace and at home with my family members. I feel that my way of thinking has changed in many ways for the better. I strive for a better quality of life in order to preserve my mental and physical wellness for as long as I possibly can. This positively affects my attitude and my self-esteem as well.

I save time and money when I go for a Matrix Drops Computer scan because I do not have to go and see many different specialists, who, in my experience, are only guessing at what I should take or do, and, if those things do not work, they will have many more ideas. These scans clearly show what my problems are and how I could restore my balance.

I’d like to say thank you to Dora who is always available and a great help and source of information I can rely on.

Viktoria Pécsi