When I first met Dora I was in a very unstable state of mind. I was always tired and I had bloating and various skin irritations and rashes.

After the Matrix Drops Computer scan I felt refreshed immediately. As we went through my entire scan results point by point, Dora explained what imbalances I have and which Matrix Drops Quintessence can help adjust them so my body READ MORE

When I was getting ready to give birth to my first son I already knew that I needed to have a C-section and, at that time, I went to see Dora. She recommended a Matrix Drops Computer (MDC) scan and Matrix Drops Quintessences. READ MORE

Viktoria Pécsi

Orsolya Molnar

I met Dora for the first time in July of 2018. I was in the hospital after my brain tumor removal surgery that was followed by a stroke READ MORE


Zita Meszaros,

Rockwall, TX

Matrix Drops in Action

Our cat, Foltos

MD to the cat rescue

Our outdoor cat, Foltos, was hit by a car which injured his back and most affected his left hind leg.  After his accident... READ MORE 










It is infinitely uplifting to pick the produce of Mother Nature from one’s own garden. I take care of the various plants in my small garden as my schedule allows for a few hours every week in a sort of laissez-faire style without any formal gardening experience or agricultural training.  READ MORE

Imre Solymosi