MD to the cat rescue

Our outdoor cat, Foltos, was hit by a car which injured his back and most affected his left hind leg.  After his accident, he somehow made it back to the house and cried out for us.  I ran out to him and saw that he was dragging himself by his front legs.  Took him to the animal clinic right away where said that no big breaks are visible, but there appears to be significant damage because the cat’s legs were not responding to stimuli.  There was not much they could do besides giving him a painkiller injection. 

So, immediately, we started administering Matrix Drops using a dropper.  We made a bed for him in my home office and the entire family tended to him day and night.  He wouldn’t eat or drink on his own so we used a syringe to make him drink some water and to give him the drops. 

With the help of the following Matrix Drops (MD), he started recovering pretty quickly: 

- MD# 15 – Aconitum information pattern

- MD#17 – Arnica Montana information pattern

- MD#24 – Rhus Toxicodendron information pattern

- MD#38 – Apis Mellifica information pattern

- MD#307 – Accident complex information pattern

- MD#1181 – Calcium phosphoricum information pattern

- MD#1183 – Calcium carbonicum information pattern

We used these MD information drops to help him recover from the trauma, to suppress any odemas, to help rebuilding his muscles and tendons and for his bones to heal and strengthen. 

In a couple of weeks he was ready to leave the house, but not the garden yet as he couldn’t scale the fence.  Those hind legs were just not strong enough for another two weeks.  During this time, we gave him the above drops and others as we deemed necessary for the most expeditious recovery.  The family was very happy when we saw him in his old form walking on the top of the fence and jumping over to the roof to come to the upstairs window.  Foltos was back thanks to the wondrous Matrix Drops and caring family.

- Imre Solymosi