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I'm here because I...



If it has to do with
a natural approach to good health,
alternative nutrition programs,
a holistic mindset, I can help!

-want to use a gentle and natural way to improve my health with no side effects.

-need insights to improve my wellbeing in every aspect of my life.

-would like to enjoy healthy meals tailored to my needs.

-have a chronic condition

-have autoimmune problems

-have hormonal imbalances

-have thyroid issues

-have frequent headaches

-can’t sleep

-have indigestion

-am conscious about my mind and body.

-would like to try or use reflexology.

-need help staying consistent with my health and eating habits.

-am ready to implement lifestyle changes.

-would like to achive more self -awareness

-am a lifelong learner who is interested in the latest quantum technology and products


GOOD NEWS, my friend! There is no wrong answer.


If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right place.


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Hi! I am Dora Solymosi and it’s my passion to support you in finding answers to challenges you may face in life considering all aspects, such as mind, body and spirit, so that you may regain balance and harmony, achieve a desired quality of life and to live to your fullest.

I am known to my clients as the go-to-person as they’re aware I have a simple, natural approach and a broad perspective about health and wellbeing. My clients know that their questions will be addressed and they will get the assistance they need no matter the life circumstances.  When you work with me, I’ll be there for you as well along your journey.


We’re a team!

Here is who I really am.
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I am addicted to health, nutrition, related science and research. 


To me listening to or reading about a new study for example on Vitamin D in relation to bone structure or cardiovascular disease and whether our body can absorb it by taking orally is the most exciting thing to do. It comes naturally that I follow the latest scientific studies and evidence but carefully filter them through with my own experiences, common sense.


I have worked in the corporate world for the longest time before I had the courage to start doing what I love to do. My husband has given me his full support and encouraged me to be brave enough to do what I was born for. I am very grateful for this opportunity! I’ve been helping and serving people for 5 years.

I have a BA in cultural studies and I am a trained and certified professional in the field of Naturopathy, Reflexology and Alternative Massage and Exercise Therapy. The qualification I am most proud of is the Matrix Drops Computer Instructor Diploma which ensures that I find all the answers for today's world toughest challenges. Recently I received my certification of Health and Wellness Coach. I combine all of this knowledge to help everyone who turns to me in a truly holistic way.

We have just moved from Budapest, Hungary as my husband was offered a great job opportunity in Dallas. I am very excited to get to know new people and I can not wait to start serving clients here in America.


My Story

My passion for health has been around for as long as I can remember. Even in my childhood years when I was battling with anemia and gastric ulcer I would always opt for natural solutions.

Ever since I’ve been always conscious about exercise and nutrition. Now looking back it's apparent I was born with these “obsessions”.


Since the birth of our two children - almost 17 years ago - I started to immerse more deeply into healthy lifestyle habits and quality diets that I have been passionate about ever since.

My main priority was to give our children a healthy start in life. After sufficient time of breastfeeding, I consciously began to pay attention to the kind of foods I had given them and also recognized how important the quality of food itself has become. I noticed that even with a well-balanced and nutritious diet and plenty of time spent outdoors there are other areas in life we need to pay close attention to. Since we do not live in an isolated world, there is a great chance our children or ourselves might get sick occasionally, but how we react to it and how we take care of ourselves makes all the difference especially in the long run. I’ve had this overwhelming sense that I only want to handle these situations in a natural way.


Of course this was not an easy task to do in a world where everybody is conditioned to go and see a doctor even with the smallest thing. It seems like humans have completely stopped thinking about and caring for themselves. And along with that, they started to put the responsibility of their well- being in the hands of their doctors, or various practitioners.


In my experience, if someone has a serious health condition, going to the doctor won’t solve the problem by itself. Maybe it will help a little with the somatic symptoms for the time being, but to fix it for good, we need to do a lot more than that. We all are sophisticated beings and if we only address a tiny visible part of the whole because that's what we can see most of the time, it will not be enough. We have to strive to find the cause. In most instances multiple factors are involved usually. This road takes a great deal of investigation, self-reflection and learning.


We, as human beings, are extremely complex creatures as we have many layers that cannot be seen or touched, but they still belong to us and affect us greatly. These are, for example, our feelings or thoughts. This different viewpoint shows how the approach of trying to only address problems by considering the physical body alone would be an impossible way to fix them.


I had started the journey to explore a world from different perspectives. I’ve learned about reflexology, bio energy, bio resonance, chakras, homeopathy, nutrition, herbs and herbal remedies, chiropractic care, massages and tools from the realms of quantum physics: the Matrix Drops Computer and Matrix Drops Quintessences.


What had initially started out only to help myself and my family turned out to a much greater, and a much needed path for others. First, my relatives and friends looked for solutions from me, then my friends’ friends and so on….

The main driving force to me all the vast amount of knowledge, experience I have gathered throughout the years can serve and help people who are looking, and are ready, for change.

With the Matrix Drops Computer Assessments and Training method, I help those that are seeking spiritual development and those who would like to prevent unwanted problems.

These assessments allow recognitions of undesirable behavioral patterns and offer solutions, that can help us on the way of change and assist us in finding a physical and spiritual balance. I am happy to unveil to everyone what Matrix Drops are and how you can help yourself to restore your mental well-being.


In our world most of us have all physical needs fulfilled, but still we are sadder than ever. Great unhappiness can be sensed as most people are suffering either physically or mentally.


Let’s change it!


A healthy, happy life involves continuous learning, but in a good, practical sense. Inevitably, it leads to understanding which will trigger change for development.

Allow me to support you and teach you what I know best.


So you can become a healthier, happier yourself!


I am very excited to take this journey with you!


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